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For years, common holster designs have not allowed for light and laser attachments.  The Gamble LA Tactical holster is the solution.

Designed for the shooter who demands quality, value and versitility in their equipment, the Gamble LA Tactical holster is the first holster to allow virtually any front rail mounted accessory to be used with a Glock Compact pistol.

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admin On August - 6 - 2010

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  1. Buddie says:

    I recently bought this awesome holster off of the ebay site, I had been looking for 3 or 4 months for a holster for my glock 38.

    I have the glock tactical light on my 38 and wanted a holster that would work with my new glock light.

    After several months I found a holster but it was over $170.00 I was in now way interested in paying that kind of money for a holster.then one night I checked the ebay site hoping to find a used version of the 170 dollar holster I had found and then there is was the Gamble Tactical holster and it was only $34.00.

    I thought what the heck I bought it, got it shipped to me very quickly and to be hopnest I own several regular type of holsters for my glock but this Gamble LA tactical holster was awesome.

    I am by no means a fast draw or an expert marksman but it fit the bill for what I needed, leaving the holster with my glock light installed is smoothe and very quick.

    Putting the gun back in tho holster was just as quick, I hope in the future the Gamble company makes more tractical items for the glock, this holster is very advanced, if a newby like me can master it I can only think what it might do for the expert marksman.


  2. Michael Abrams says:

    I can’t say enough good things about this new holster from Gamble LA Tactical. I own a Glock 23 with a Glock tactical light and I have had to settle, for years, with an oversized bulky holster. It was either to take the light off any time I carried or put on the huge holster. LA Tactical is exactly what I have been looking for. It is slim (the same size as the Glock top slide), the gun fits tight, it is completely locked in, it does not interfere with your light or laser and the trigger is covered for safety. Un-holstering is very quick and easy. The best part of the holster for me is that it does not add to the size of the gun! I highly recommend this holster to everyone, whether you use your rail or not, it is a great holster to own. I am looking at buying more to give as Christmas gifts!

  3. Marcus Easter says:

    I was looking for a holster that would work with a glock 19 with a streamlight ml3 tactical light. I found only a few with a average price of $150. Then I came across the holster from Gamber Tactical. I thought I would give it a try but didn’t have high expectations.
    When I recieved the holster I followed the easy to use instructions and the Glock fit perfect. After practicing drawing the gun for only a short while the motion became very fluid. I carry this gun almost daily. The weight distribution is great. After wearing all day it still is comfortable. I have many handguns and even more holsters. This is my favorite holster for the Glock. I would tell anyone looking for a holster this is a great product and the price can’t be beat. -M. Easter

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