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Here’s what people are saying about the LA Tactical Holster:

“Throughly impressed with your Tactical Holster that grips my Glock 32 with my M3 Tactical light with a SUPER snug fit everywhere it needs to be. There can’t be an accidental removal of weapon…It’s an ease to get in and an ease to get out…

I couldn’t believe the price for what you you get…It comes with 2 clips that are fully adjustable, I prefer the shorter one for Concealed Carry…These guys are the only ones out that don’t try to rape you with a “not so common” feature…You know if you spent the money for added goodies on your gun, you want them to stay on all the time and this holster is perfectly made for it…I would jump quick if I were you, the other guys out there are all between 125-175$ for the same thing you get here…I would have gladly paid 80$ for this…Quality made at a ridiculous price…Buy with confidence!” -SSGT Shannon Muse


“I can’t say enough good things about this new holster from Gamble LA Tactical. I own a Glock 23 with a Glock tactical light and I have had to settle, for years, with an oversized bulky holster. It was either to take the light off any time I carried or put on the huge holster.

LA Tactical is exactly what I have been looking for. It is slim (the same size as the Glock top slide), the gun fits tight, it is completely locked in, it does not interfere with your light or laser and the trigger is covered for safety. Un-holstering is very quick and easy.

The best part of the holster for me is that it does not add to the size of the gun! I highly recommend this holster to everyone, whether you use your rail or not, it is a great holster to own. I am looking at buying more to give as Christmas gifts!”    -Michael Abrams


“I recently bought this awesome holster off of the ebay site, I had been looking for 3 or 4 months for a holster for my Glock 38.I have the Glock tactical light on my 38 and wanted a holster that would work with my new glock light.
After several months I found a holster but it was over $170.00 I was in now way interested in paying that kind of money for a holster. then one night I checked the ebay site hoping to find a used version of the 170 dollar holster I had found and then there is was the Gamble Tactical holster and it was only $34.00.  I thought what the heck I bought it, got it shipped to me very quickly and to be honest I own several regular type of holsters for my Glock but this Gamble LA tactical holster was awesome.
I am by no means a fast draw or an expert marksman but it fit the bill for what I needed, leaving the holster with my Glock light installed is smooth and very quick.  Putting the gun back in the holster was just as quick, I hope in the future the Gamble company makes more tactical items for the Glock, this holster is very advanced, if a newbie like me can master it I can only think what it might do for the expert marksman.”  -Buddie


Received this holster and have used it to carry for a couple days. Really interesting and unique design. Works exactly as it is said to, and is VERY simple and easy to use. Works great for being able to leave your light, laser, etc. attached. It is not the smallest, most conceallable design. But for off duty, and open carry, it works very well. I won’t use it every day, but it will certainly be one that I use for certain situations and areas. -Mako

I am a big Glock user and go between the 23 and 27 for my daily conceal carry. I have been using the Glock tactical holster but it is not adjustable and has a high center of gravity. The L A tactical holster lowered the center of gravity and gives me a adjustable angle, and very easy to live with. Im looking forward to getting the L A holster for my sub compact Glock 27. It looks like an easy model change, just shorten the muzzle on the holster, Iv considered do it my self. thanks for the awesome holster, Gamble Tactical. A+A+A+A+A+A+ rating. -Rich in Billings, Montana


Well after putting this holster through what I call the test, I found it to be even better than I thought it would be. Because of my rural living I was in desperate need of a holster that would allow me to carry a weapon light attached. This holster fits the bill perfect. Fast and easy removal for getting it in to action which is very important to me. I must say after much practise, reholstering is a bit of a chore because I still have to look at the holster to reinsert the weapon. It is very well made and should last indefinately with almost no up keep. I prefer the concealed carry belt attachment because I carry and have no use for the more duty styled carry attachment. The adjustability of cant is a must and very well accepted but here lies my only real issue with this holster. I am very attached to paddle holsters and if this holster had an adjustable paddle similiar to the CompTac as far as I’m concerned it would be the best holster I have ever used. I am not ammune to belt holsters but paddles are faster and easier to put on and take off and still very usable even without a belt which is how I carry most the time. I love the way it protects the weapon from any sort of outside damage, but it does leave a weapon light very vulnerable to damage. Now for my carry purposes this is not an issue but is a real possibility. It’s still hard for me to beleive how anyone came up with this idea, but it’s a good one. The price is the icing on the cake and definately worth every penny. Great job, add a paddle and a full sized model and you have the perfect holster. I will certainly put this one to good use .

Thanks you guys very much for this oppertunity and keep up the great work.
Jeffery D.